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When you first enter the Tubidy site, after a short membership process, you can easily find what you are looking for by typing the song you want in the search button. After making your choice among the results, you can complete the recording by clicking on any of the options you can download the song as a video or mp3. Regardless of our mood, sad or cheerful, music is always closest to us. Music can cheer us up in our saddest moments. Sometimes, in our most joyful moments, with sad music, we remember a bad moment and get sad. According to research by scientists, listening to a piece of music you love reveals “positive energy and feelings” in the brain. The stress is reduced and the person feels better both psychologically and physically. Music has been extremely positive in the treatment of many diseases since ancient times and is an indispensable part of treatment. It is good for the cardiovascular system. Blood vessels dilate as you listen to your favorite music. It provides psychological relief. It reduces the risk of getting sick. Early musical education in children; It strengthens their concentration skills, memory and social development in society. It enables them to become self-confident individuals by revealing their musical talents. Happy children also increase their learning abilities. Children who receive music education are much more comfortable and successful in reading and writing than other children. These children do very well in terms of phonetics, diction and articulation. Music enhances math and memory in children. Music has a huge impact on the development of emotional intelligence (EQ) in children. Their vocabulary also improves with English parts.

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